My Aromatherapy Case

Simplify your life and let's set up your family aromatherapy kit together.

Do you want to use essential oils to treat physical and psycho-emotional ailments in your family? You do not know which oils to choose according to the needs of each member of your family? Do you want to be able to create your own synergies?

  Together, we design your family aromatherapy kit based on the needs of each member of your family.

Your personalized guide (advice booklet) will allow you to use essential oils quickly, efficiently, appropriately and safely.

The right remedies for big and small troubles...

We get to know each other during a phone conversation during which you tell me your needs and expectations. We go through the health records and lifestyle habits of each member of your family in order for me to select the most suited essential oils for your family's aromatherapy kit.

I select the most suitable essential oils for each member of your family, according to their properties, indications and contraindications.

I also create a personalized advice booklet containing the description of the essential oils in your kit, the different ways to use them, easy-to-compose synergy recipes for each member of your family.

Offer "My Aroma Case" : 145 € / 155 CHF

  • 45-minute initial consultation by phone or online

  • Marie's selection of 8 to 10 essential oils, adapted to the members of your family

  • Personalized booklet (guide) with synergy recipes for each family member, properties, indications and contraindications of oils (pdf)

  • Description sheets for the 8 to 10 essential oils in your kit (pdf)

  • Tips for buying your essential oils (quality criteria)

  • Email follow up for 1 month

The essential oils are to be purchased separately.
Payment by bank transfer - IBAN (France) provided on invoice.


I support you, with naturopathic techniques, essential oils and energy healing techniques, towards a healthier life, to optimize your health and gain serenity as well as physical and psycho-emotional well-being.

DISCLAIMER: Aromatherapy advice is given for informational purposes. They do not replace your current medical treatment (s). Never interrupt a medical treatment without first talking to your doctor.

I will not make a diagnosis or prescribe medication. Always consult your doctor or other qualified health care provider for advice if you have any questions about a medical condition. Never stop medical treatment without talking to your doctor first. Never neglect professional medical advice or postpone consultation because of something you read on this website.