Intuitive synergy

A fragrance that accompanies you, an energy that supports you.

I formulate your personal and unique essential oil synergy, intuitively, with the intention that it is absolutely right for you right now.

Your synergy blend consists of 5 to 7 high quality essential oils and accompanies you on the path of your life to (re) find serenity, joy and balance. You take the step forward, she holds your hand.

You can use it every day, during your meditation for example, and smell it when you feel the need.

Taking the time at the right moment...

I compose the synergy during a ceremony dedicated to its creation.

I take the time to find the right moment to be absolutely available for the ceremony. It is therefore possible that you will receive your synergy up to 10 days after receipt of your payment.

You can send your request for intuitive synergies to

Please include the full name, date of birth and a portrait photo of the person for whom the synergy is intended.

Beauty Product
Synergie intuitive d'huiles essentielles

Offers "Intuitive Synergy" : 

Synergy blend 5 ml - 29 € / 32 CHF

Synergy blend 10 ml - 39 € / 42 CHF

Synergy blend 10 ml + Spray 10 ml - 49 € / 53 CHF 
(Alcohol-based spray, concentration 20% essential oils)

Payment by bank transfer - IBAN (France) provided on invoice.
Shipping costs are calculated based on the delivery address (sent from France, delivery in Europe).


I support you, with naturopathic techniques, essential oils and energy healing techniques, towards a healthier life, to optimize your health and gain serenity as well as physical and psycho-emotional well-being.

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