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Serenity & well-being


Harmonizing and balancing the health of body, mind and soul, naturally and simply.
I offer personalized support in naturopathy and holistic aromatherapy
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Serenity and well-being can be cultivated

Hello! I am Marie Boutemy. As a certified aromatologist, naturopath in training & apprentice shaman, I support you, with naturopathic techniques, essential oils and energy healing techniques, towards a healthier life, to optimize your health and gain serenity as well as physical and psycho-emotional well-being.

My approach is holistic, global (physical, emotional, mental, energetic, spiritual) to:

  • reduce anxiety, tension and stress

  • find restful sleep again

  • fight depression and enjoy peacefulness

  • relieve and reduce pain (PMS, period, muscles ...)

  • support your immune system and learn to care for yourself naturally

  • increase vitality and creativity

  • and much more...

Learn how to use essential oils safely, holistically, and effectively.
Aromatherapy online courses are currently only available in French.


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One of the many reasons I love essential oils is because they can be mixed together to create powerful synergies that support and help us in our everyday lives.

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